Introducing Snap Camera

Today we are excited to introduce Snap Camera: a free app designed for desktop that invites anyone to experience the fun of Lenses on their computer.

With Snap Camera, you can choose from thousands of Lenses, including classics made by Snapchat as well as new designs created daily by you, our Lens Creator community. And because it works great with Twitch, Snap Camera will let your Lenses reach a whole new audience of streamers and viewers. It all adds up to even more opportunities for the Lenses you create to be used by Snapchatters.

Most face Lenses you create in Lens Studio should work seamlessly in Snap Camera with just a few adjustments to your workflow. Be sure to check out this guide for updated Lens creation best practices.

Happy creating and streaming,

Team Lens Studio

Introducing Lens Studio 1.7

We’re excited to announce a new update to Lens Studio! This version includes new features and templates requested by the community — now there are even more types of Lenses to create and share with Snapchatters!

Template Overview

  • Segmentation: Replace a portion of the camera with an image, tiled image, or post effect coloring. Learn More | Try Lens 
  • Face Image Picker: Select a photo from your camera roll and attach it to a world object!  Learn More | Try Lens 
  • Marker: Build experiences uniquely tied to a specific image, adding an additional layer of context to the Lens. Learn More | Try Lens 
  • Marker with Snapcode: Unlock a marker experience directly from a Snapcode. Learn More

Be sure to also check out Audio Effects, Labels and Prefabs for even more ways to push your Lenses. For a full list of all the updates, check out our Release Notes

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you run into issues or want to share your Lens, be sure to visit the forum!

Happy creating,

Team Lens Studio

Introducing Face Particles Template

We’re excited to announce a new template that combines a few of our creators’ favorite features. The Face Particles template gives you several differently styled particle effects to include in your Face Lens experience. The template uses a mask attached to the face so that the user is always in front of the particles. It also uses the Rotation tracking mode to make it feel like the particles are really in the world. Finally, it includes a handy script for forcing a header and footer image to be attached to the top and bottom of the screen on any device resolution. Download the template and try it today!

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio

DC Super Heroes Competition Winner Announced

Congratulations to CyreneQ for her winning Lens submission in the DC Super Heroes Competition, Comic Book Portal. The Lens featured images from the DC Asset Pack and was assembled using the Lens Studio Portal template. Experience the Lens for yourself by scanning the Snapcode above and try building your own portal Lens with this tutorial.

Happy creating,

Team Lens Studio

Introducing Lens Previews for Lens Explorer

Starting today you can add previews of your Lenses in My Lenses! These previews will appear in Snapchat as part of the new feature, Lens Explorer.

Lens Explorer began rolling out to iOS users last week and provides an easier way to discover and unlock thousands of Lenses built by Lens Creators around the world!

To begin browsing in Lens Explorer, just tap the new icon that appears when the Lens Carousel is active. Tap a Lens tile to unlock a Lens and be taken directly to the Snap Camera, or browse Lenses in featured Stories. Unlock a Lens by swiping up on Snaps in these Stories.

By adding a preview to your Lenses you give your creations a better chance of being featured in Lens Explorer and being seen by millions! For tips on creating the perfect preview, check out this guide.

Happy creating,

Team Lens Studio

Underwater Expedition, No Snorkel Required

In celebration of their new planetarium show, Expedition Reef, the California Academy of Sciences released 5 Lenses that explore complex coral reef ecosystems around the world. The realistic and scientifically-accurate Lenses were created by the Academy’s in-hour Visualization Studio and is a great examples of how scientific institutions can use Lens Studio. We’re so excited to see more educational Lenses that entertain from CAS and others!

Happy creating,

Team Lens Studio

Substance Painter Rubber Ducky Challenge Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Substance Painter Rubber Ducky challenge: David H. for Irony Ducky, and Meik H. for Samurai Ducky. Scan the Snapcodes above to unlock these Lenses, and be on the lookout for the next Lens Studio Challenge!

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio

Expanding Camera Creativity

You Dreamed It. You Created It.

Last December, we launched Lens Studio and shared a short, do-it-yourself overview video. What happened next went beyond anything we had imagined.

In less than two months, 30,000 Lenses were submitted by artists around the world. Today, your Lenses have been viewed more than one billion times, and played with for more than 2 million hours!

In short, you did it. You created the world’s first community of augmented reality artists and users. And this is just the beginning.

We created Snapchat because we believed that the smartphone camera is the fastest and most expressive way to share your unique point of view. With the camera, you could express yourself not just with words, but with images, stickers, videos, doodles, and more — redefining communication in a world that sometimes feels less connected than ever.

We created Lenses for the same purpose — not to “bring augmented reality to the masses,” but simply to empower creativity in a totally new way. We’ve been thrilled by the imaginative ideas and experiences you’ve brought to Lenses, and wanted to offer a little peek into our thinking going forward

It’s Not About the Technology.  Snapchatters use Lenses to create and share experiences with their friends. The underlying technology should exist behind the scenes. When we can remove the friction from creativity by making pretty advanced tools fun and easy to use, we can inspire people and help bring their ideas to life.

Our Community Will Drive the Future.  Creatives, artists, and everyday users push augmented reality in ways we never imagined. You are the ultimate end-users, after all, and we will listen and watch how you currently use Lens Studio — and how you want to use it.

It’s Just the Beginning.  For the first time, we are seeing augmented reality experiences that are truly engaging. But we are still at the earliest stages of discovery. Creativity has become a fixture of the mobile experience, and it will only grow as people find new ways to express themselves on their phones — and eventually other kinds of hardware, too. Empowering our community to unlock their creativity will push all of this forward.

We can’t wait to see what you will create next!

Team Lens Studio

Introducing Carousel Boost

Every day, 70 million Snapchatters use Lenses to transform the world around them using the Snapchat camera. We're excited to see how creators like you are pushing AR creativity and inspiring Snapchatters with Lenses built in Lens Studio, so we want to make it even easier for your Lenses to be discovered.

Starting today, we’ll be periodically featuring Lenses built by creators, with attribution, in the main Snapchat Lens carousel for all Snapchatters to see! To have your Lens considered for the carousel and to be seen by millions, just opt-in to “Lens Boost” when you submit your Lens in My Lenses!

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio