Women ‘Choose to Challenge’ in International Women’s Day Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of Snapchat India's From Dreams to Success Lensathon:

More than a thousand registrants (over 2/3 of them women) signed up for the challenge, with over 90% of registrants working with AR for the very first time. Participants submitted Lenses inspired by the International Women’s Day theme, “Choose to Challenge,” and the words of the late Indian NASA astronaut Kalpana Chawla: “The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on it and the perseverance to follow it.” 

Participants also received tips and tricks from a few women verified Lens Creators from India:

  • Persica Picardo taught creators how to recreate her most popular Lens, Imagination, which incorporates segmentation and post effects here.
  • Niyati taught participants how to script interactivity into their next gaming Lens by incorporating collision detection of 3d objects here.
  • Gauri Kumar taught creators how to incorporate their 3D art into Spectacles 3 footage as well as adjust material properties and utilize Lens Studio 3.4's Asset Library here.

We hope you all feel motivated to seek out your next challenge and learn something new. Let us know if you need any help by posting in the Community Forum!

Happy Creating,

Team Lens Studio

Creativity Powered by Lens Studio 3.4

Let your creativity run wild with Lens Studio 3.4! This release includes updates that not only improve your workflow but also allow you to explore limitless creative possibilities with ease. It includes:

3D Multi-Body Tracking

Introducing 3D full-body skeleton tracking, which allows you to build 3D full body Lenses for multiple people, allowing more Snapchatters to get in on the fun you create.

Full Body Segmentation

Put your whole body into it! Build experiences that react to full body movements or isolate a person from their background completely. This new upgrade allows you to easily track and segment full bodies in your next Lens.

Improved Hand Tracking

Focus your Lens to specific parts of a hand or let it react to unique hand movements. Improved hand tracking gives you 24 tracking points that allow you to select any joint within the hand for your Lens to react to, rather than just the hand itself.

Asset Library

Discover new shortcuts while working within your projects. The all-new Asset Library is a collection of 3D models, materials, ML models, scripts, presets (and more!) that are easily accessible to drag and drop into your creations. You’ll be able to speed up your workflow by saving your assets, or get a jumpstart by using pre-made assets saved in the library from other creators’.

Push the boundaries of the Lenscape with Lens Studio 3.4 and get started on your next Lens today!

Happy Creating!

Team Lens Studio

The Most Innovative Community Lenses of 2020

Over the course of 2020, we saw Lens Creators from all over the world create powerful AR experiences with Lens Studio that explored new territory, combining leading-edge technologies with novel outcomes. From using SnapML to learn new languages, to body tracking that fueled dance challenges, and even LiDAR Lenses that could detect the space around you, you’ve evolved and transformed the world around us right before our eyes!

You continue to inspire us with creations that bring joy, innovation, and wonderment to the AR landscape. As we enter this new year, we look forward to seeing how you continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with augmented reality.

We’re recognizing 20 Lenses built by the Creator community that tapped into Lens Studio’s most innovative capabilities to redefine what a Lens can be.

Amplify Movement with Body Tracking

Pin-Up Wardrobe by Shimenta

Star Burst by Jalaiah

Neon Line by Enuriru

Immerse the World In Your Imagination with LiDAR

 by Zach Lieberman

SWAMPIFY by Isabelle Udo

Create More Meaningful Moments with Face Lenses

Give Me A Reason by BENNETT

Face Glitch by Max

SimonSays Showdown by Lafiya Watson Ramirez

BlackHistory King by Kugalimedia

Fluffy by Emilien

Transform the World With SnapML

Style Vision by Luka Lan Gabriel

Freeze Frame by Olivia S

Spaghetti by Pam

Board Score by James Hurlbut

Sketch to Color by cunicode

Expand Your Canvas with World Lenses

Car Customizer by Mike French

Box Bois by Alex Bradt

GLAM QUEST by Aidan Wolf

Glass Unicorn by WRLD SPACE

Abstract Universe by Alie Jackson

Happy Creating!

Team Lens Studio

Lens Fest, Snap’s Global AR Festival

This year, Lens Fest was a global, virtual event exploring the current AR Lenscape. The multi-day event focused on highlighting new dimensions of augmented reality and celebrating you, our Lens Creator community shaping the future of AR!

Spanning three days, the AR festival was hosted in an immersive and interactive online environment where attendees watched session content, chatted with other creators, explored a library of tutorials and a gallery of some of the top Lens Creators, and much more. During Lens Fest we announced:

  • An investment of $3.5 million to expand our support to Lens creators and developers who are pushing what’s possible in AR through Lens Studio’s most advanced capabilities.
  • Strong AR engagement in our community – over 180 million Snapchatters engage with Lenses every day, and community Lenses have been viewed by Snapchatters more than 1 trillion times.¹
  • Lens Studio 3.3, bringing you powerful new tools and features to help you make even more impressive Lenses, more efficiently.

Thousands of Lens Creators tuned into Lens Fest to explore the virtual event space and watch the session content, which featured guides on building innovative Lenses with SnapML, Visual Scripting, Depth Tech and Material Editor, and tips on how to unlock and discover new experiences with Lens Studio. Watch the main sessions, Lens Studio demos, and more here!

Creator and Partner Spotlights

In between the core sessions we highlighted some of the most innovative creators and partners who are part of our AR ecosystem. We featured three partners who were looking for creators to build AR experiences or educate underserved communities with them, and a series of creators who have been including cutting-edge AR tech in their Lenses this year.

Check out the short vignettes below to learn more about the opportunities to work with our partners and to learn more about our creators:

Partner Spotlights

  • Verizon - Verizon will be sponsoring an Innovation Studio for Lens Creators to build experiences optimized for 5G experiences for Verizon. Submit interest here.
  • LACMA - Calling all Lens Creators who want to build AR monuments and murals  in collaboration with LACMA. Submit interest here.
  • iDTech - Snap and  iDTech have built a Lens Studio course for students to begin experimenting in AR, and have opened opportunities for Lens Creators to mentor young creators. If interested in volunteering, sign up here.

Creator Spotlights

Lens Fest 2020 Call for Creation

The week before Lens Fest began we put out a call to creators to build utility-based Lenses along the theme of “AR for Good”. Over 100 creators participated in building Lenses in teams and we received many great submissions.

Check out the 5 Lenses we were most impressed with and the creators behind them:

Overall, we are so impressed with all of the Lenses you have made this past year. The rapid growth of our AR ecosystem is because of your innovation. You are the future of AR and we can’t wait to see what our community of Lens Creators will make next. 

Happy Creating,

Team Lens Studio

Powerful Updates in Lens Studio 3.3

Lens Studio is already one of the most popular AR tools on the market and we’ve just given it a powerful upgrade with version 3.3. This release is focused on improving creator workflows by providing tools and resources that professional creators need. With Lens Studio 3.3, there is a wide variety of features that help save time and improve the quality of experiences:

My Lenses 2.0

Search and manage your Lenses with our newly enhanced Lens management tool. Not only do you now have the ability to manage your Lenses in web browsers outside the Lens Studio application, you can also quickly search for and easily monitor your Lens activity in one place. Toggle between personal and sponsored Lens accounts, see the status of your Lens, set Lens visibility, and add tags, Scan Triggers and Preview Videos within My Lenses 2.0.

Visual Scripting

Create custom interactivity using graphical, node-based scripting. No Code AR allows you to save time while building complex logic without the need to code.

Texture Compression

Pack richer assets for more compelling Lenses with Texture Compression. We listened to your feedback that compressing assets into the 4 MB Lens size can be tricky, especially when building Lenses for brands. So we've made it easier to compress textures right inside Lens Studio, allowing you to compare quality and size tradeoffs visually. The newly supported compression formatting will help your Lens load faster and use less RAM, creating a better experience for Snapchatters. 


Group, filter and search messages with our updated Logger, which will help streamline your workflow as you build and test your Lenses.

Building Blocks

Get started quickly on your next Lens experience with Building Blocks: downloadable assets and helper scripts that help you prototype, refine and add features to your Lens experiences. Check it out in our Additional Resources page on the Community Support Website.

New Templates

There are several templates to jumpstart your next Lens, including:

  • Face Morph Template: Transform faces into 3D characters using a custom mesh and build more transformative, realistic experiences. 
  • Configuration Template: use UI widgets to create an adjustable Lens. This is particularly great for building innovative shopping and try-on experiences.
  • Tween Template: set-up Tween animations quickly through a dropdown menu great for building games and interactive experiences.

We’ve also made other improvements such as additional SnapML performance increases and bug fixes.

Within Lens Studio, your creative possibilities are virtually endless. Download Lens Studio 3.3 now and get started on your next Lens today!

Happy Creating,

Team Lens Studio

Create LiDAR-Powered Lenses for the New iPhone 12 Pro

Today, we’re launching Lens Studio 3.2, which lets augmented reality creators and developers build LiDAR-powered Lenses for the new iPhone 12 Pro. 

The state-of-the-art LiDAR Scanner on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max enables immersive AR experiences that overlay more seamlessly onto the real world. It lets Snapchat’s camera see a metric scale mesh of the scene, understanding the geometry and meaning of surfaces and objects. This new level of scene understanding allows Lenses to interact realistically with the surrounding world. Thanks to the power of A14 Bionic and ARKit, you can render thousands of AR objects in real time, letting you create immersive, magical environments for the whole Snapchat community to explore.

"The addition of the LiDAR Scanner to iPhone 12 Pro models enables a new level of creativity for augmented reality," said Eitan Pilipski, Snap's SVP of Camera Platform. "We're excited to collaborate with Apple to bring this sophisticated technology to our Lens Creator community."  

Through a new interactive preview mode in Lens Studio 3.2, you can create Lenses and preview them in the world, even before you have the new iPhone 12 Pro in your hand. You can also open Snapchat on Apple’s latest iPad Pro to bring your LiDAR-powered Lenses to life. 

Welcome to the next generation of what’s possible with AR -- where the digital world takes a step closer to seamlessly melding with the physical world. We can’t wait to see what you build with Lens Studio 3.2!   

Download the template to create LiDAR-Powered Lenses here.

Team Lens Studio

Enhanced Capabilities Inspired By You

We believe in making AR creation accessible to all kinds of creators.

In this latest update, we’ve made it easier to find the specific template or Material Editor Node you need with new search bars, so you can get to creating faster than ever before. We also extended capabilities with our Face Mesh and Hand Tracking features to allow for hand segmentation and tracking against an entire skull as compared to just one’s face.   

We hope the new Start Screen search function can help you find exciting new templates for:

  • Hand Segmentation - Segment an image against your hand, as well as occlude things behind hands. This template also demonstrates how you can use hand gestures to control effects around a segmented hand.
  • Behavior Script - Learn how you can use the Behavior Helper Script to set up different effects and interactions through a dropdown menu. You can choose different triggers like face or touch interactions, and respond to them with effects like enabling objects, playing tweens, and more!

Then be sure to check out the Templates page to find three downloadable templates for Head Mesh that help you learn more about our new skull property in the Face Mesh asset, which allows you to track a user’s whole head shape.

Our templates make it easy for beginners and experts alike to get acquainted with new Lens Studio features. They also cut down on the overall creation time of Lenses.  But they’re really just the beginning of what you can make. 

As always, keep us posted on what you create in the Community Forum. If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter and Youtube for creator spotlights, tutorials and countless other resources. If you’re reading this, you’re already a part of our AR-obsessed family. 

Also! Don’t forget to keep checking this blog. There’s always big, exciting, augmented things ahead. 

Happy Creating!

Team Lens Studio

Zedd X Jasmine X Snapchat = The Ultimate Quarantine Concert

In the time of Covid-19 and socially distancing, Zedd and Jasmine wanted to find a way to bring people together and celebrate the release of their new song. Partnering with Official Lens Creator Michael Nicoll, they created an AR quarantine concert unlike any other. Opening on the front facing camera, Snapchatters unlocked their VIP ticket and watched as the concert came to life right before their eyes. Check it out now!

Team Lens Studio

Snap Stars X OLCs Make Moves Together

To help us launch Lens Studio 3.1’s 2D Full Body Tracking feature, we teamed up 4 Snap Stars and 4 Official Lens Creators to create Lenses that move with you. Knowing Snapchatters use our Lenses across multiple platforms, this partnership utilized our newest feature to level up dance challenges. 

Jye Trudinger and Jalaiah Harmon drew inspiration from Jye’s Lens Trails — a Lens which amplifies and accentuates your movements. In honor of Jalaiah’s incredible choreography, Jye used 3D occlusion to create Star Burst—a vibrant animated rainbow that adds expression and depth to every move you make. “I love how AR gives you a completely new way of interacting with your phone and the environment around you”, said Jye. 

Max van Leeuwen’s Lens Alone is the perfect compliment to Loren Grey’s aesthetic. After experimenting with a few styles, Max landed on using motion graphics and custom materials to create a Lens that is not just fun to dance to but also enhances every movement. 

Robin Delaporte worked with Sarati to create Be you, an uplifting Lens that provides the positive message of ‘be you’ as well as allows you to change it to whatever empowers you, as you move and dance around. We can’t think of a more inspiring way to use 2D full body tracking than to support and love one another.

Abbas Sajad partnered with Dixie D'Amelio, to develop Be Happy, a Lens that is an extension of Dixie's new song "Be Happy". “I felt this was the chance for me to expand on the music video and stylize the emotions that Dixie mentions in the song,” said Abbas. Designing everything by hand using Procreate, Abbas put a heavy emphasis on the environment and the Snapchatter’s movements, creating a visually stunning and exciting Lens that enables you to control the weather. 

This epic collaboration between Snap Stars and OLCs resulted in unforgettable Lenses that not only took Snapchat by storm, but elevated dance challenges everywhere.

To learn more about Lens Studio 3.1 and 2D full body tracking, check out our release here.

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio

Introducing 2D Full Body Tracking

The latest Lens Studio update lets you reimagine what it means to move. With the arrival of 2D Full Body Tracking, you can now create Lenses that move with your entire body. In technical terms, this means you’ll have the ability to track 18 joints and trigger effects based on those body movements - legs included! This feature will be especially useful as you level up your next dance challenge, workout tutorial, or whatever’s keeping you moving these days!

New Templates

Full Body Triggers

Trigger effects based on full skeletal tracking poses and points’ positions.

Full Body Attachments

Attach objects to (and around) users’ joints.

Snap Star x Official Lens Creator Partnerships

To debut this new technology, we paired 4 Official Lens Creators with 4 Snap Stars and asked them to develop bespoke 2D Full Body Tracking Lenses that reflect their individual styles.

Try their Lenses:

  • Star Burst by Jalaiah Harmon and Jye Trudinger
  • Be you by Sarati and Robin Delaporte
  • Alone by Loren Grey and Max van Leeuwen
  • Be Happy by Dixie D'Amelio and Abbas Sajad

We hope these updates will inspire you to keep innovating, iterating, and doing what you do best. Whether you’re busting a move or crushing a workout, Lens Studio is always looking to help elevate your AR vision. As always, we can’t wait to see what you create.

Team Lens Studio