Introducing 2D Full Body Tracking

The latest Lens Studio update lets you reimagine what it means to move. With the arrival of 2D Full Body Tracking, you can now create Lenses that move with your entire body. In technical terms, this means you’ll have the ability to track 18 joints and trigger effects based on those body movements - legs included! This feature will be especially useful as you level up your next dance challenge, workout tutorial, or whatever’s keeping you moving these days!

New Templates

Full Body Triggers

Trigger effects based on full skeletal tracking poses and points’ positions.

Full Body Attachments

Attach objects to (and around) users’ joints.

Snap Star x Official Lens Creator Partnerships

To debut this new technology, we paired 4 Official Lens Creators with 4 Snap Stars and asked them to develop bespoke 2D Full Body TrackingLenses that reflect their individual styles.

Try their Lenses:

  • Star Burst by Jalaiah Harmon and Jye Trudinger
  • Be you by Sarati and Robin Delaporte
  • Alone by Loren Grey and Max van Leeuwen
  • Be Happy by Dixie D'Amelio and Abbas Sajad

We hope these updates will inspire you to keep innovating, iterating, and doing what you do best. Whether you’re busting a move or crushing a workout, Lens Studio is always looking to help elevate your AR vision. As always, we can’t wait to see what you create.

Team Lens Studio

Snap With Pride

Snap and Pride Media teamed up to ensure that the spirit of Pride marches on. Several of our Official Lens Creators kicked off Pride last month with new, interactive AR Lenses that reflect the vibrancy and strength of this community. You can read more about this year's "Champions of Pride" on The Advocate. Official Lens Creators participated in this national exhibition with augmented galleries, activist portraits, and regional stories of LGBTQ+ history in the United States.

Brielle Garcia represented the Pacific West with an augmented ocean floor that comes to life with faces of activists like Jasmyne Cannick, who was recently elected to the Democratic Party’s Los Angeles County Central Committee.

CyreneQ showed some Southern pride with a colorful collection of local faces like Big Freedia, whose Louisiana-born music lights up the streets of New Orleans for Pride every June.

Joshua Keeney highlights the North Atlantic with leaders making waves of all sizes, such as the “Mighty” Rebekah, a 13-year-old who pioneered an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in her own school district. 

Alie Jackson's virtual mural displays the pride of the Mountain region with a parade of journalists, while the Midwest is represented by people like State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, who became the first first queer parent elected to the Illinois Legislature.

Even though June is now over, we want Snapchatters to keep showing their pride! Keep it up with community Lenses or try building your own in Lens Studio. If you're looking to get involved with the Pride movement or be a bigger ally to the LGBTQ+ community, start in your own neighborhood. Work with your nearest LGBT center or go big with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign or InterPride, read up on relevant history and news, and find ways to educate others.

Team Lens Studio

A look back at Snap Partner Summit 2020

On June 11th, we hosted our 2nd annual Snap Partner Summit, virtually! The keynote was streamed, featuring product announcements, partner highlights, and celebrations of the Snapchat community.

We celebrated you, our community of creators, and your astonishing accomplishment of building over 1 million Lens AR experiences¹ with Lens Studio! Check out what you’ve created over the past year.

Snap Inc’s Katie Babineau, Marketing Lead of Snap Labs, led a panel discussion featuring special guests including Official Lens Creators Anrick Bregman and Pedro Cruz, to learn how Snap’s augmented reality platform is helping shift the way we interact with the world around us.


We made the exciting announcement that machine learning is now available in Lens Studio, allowing anyone to apply the power of convolutional neural networks to their Lenses! Check out some of the amazing Lenses our first SnapML partners have made.


Teaming up with Wannaby, we created a downloadable foot tracking template that allows you to create fun Lenses that interact with your feet. This powerful template enables you to build a wide range of experiences, including realistic shoe try-on Lenses.


Partners like Prisma, an app that turns your photos into works of art, are using SnapML to enable you to see the world through a new Lens—and even step into a renaissance painting!

2020CV and mkcola

SnapML has enabled our creators and developers to build extraordinary Lenses together. 2020CV and mkcola teamed up, using 2020CV’s hand tracking model and mkcola’s creative eye to build a bewitching Lens. 

Creative Kit and Dynamic Lenses

Creative Kit makes it easier than ever to share content from apps directly into Snapchat. We’ve now expanded it to include AR with new Dynamic Lenses. Developers can bring real-time information from their app into Snapchat Lenses, making it easy for any partner to build customized AR Lens experiences.

This past year has been an amazing one in the world of augmented reality. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

What will you create?

Team Lens Studio

Introducing Lens Studio 3.0

Today at the Snap Partner Summit we announced even more ways for creators to transform their world! You can now integrate your own machine learning models into Lens Studio with SnapML.

Meet SnapML 

With SnapML, you can now create your own Lens features with neural networks that you have trained. By adding these ML models to your Lenses, the Snapchat Camera will be even better at transforming the world around you! Not an ML developer? Don’t worry, we’ve added templates to this new version of Lens Studio so anyone can get started. What will you create?

Style Transfer

Apply an art style to the camera feed using Machine Learning to alter the world as you see it.

Custom Segmentation

Use a custom segmentation mask to apply effects to certain parts of a scene.

Object Detection

Attach an image to a custom detected object.


Understand what’s in a scene and react to what the camera sees.

Ground Segmentation

Replace the ground with a material and occlude objects not on the ground.

More Possibilities!

Use these templates as a starting point for integrating additional models, or add your own.

New Templates

Hand Gestures 

Use different hand poses like open palm, closed palm, and more to trigger custom effects.

Face Landmarks 

Trigger effects by tracking specific coordinates on the face. 

Face Expressions 

Use Lens Studio’s new facial expression tracking to drive blendshapes on 3D models.

Foot Tracking

In partnership with Wannaby, we’ve created a foot tracking template powered by their ML model that allows anyone to easily create Lenses that interact with your feet!

Additional Updates

New Update, New Look

We’ve updated Lens Studio’s UI and added two themes to make it easier to customize and navigate. 

Procedural Texture

Access and create textures from script with Procedural Texture.

Color Shadows

Grey Shadows be gone! Use any color of the rainbow to add depth to your Lens.

3D Eyeball Tracking

Replace or augment eyes in full 3D, including realistic gaze tracking.

More Material Editor Nodes

Further customize your materials with new matrices, arrays, and lighting nodes!

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio

At Home With Official Lens Creators

The last few months have been a challenge for everyone, as we follow stay-at-home orders around the globe and spend a little extra time on our couches.

We wanted to put all this free time to good use, so, as part of our ongoing Special Projects in collaboration with Official Lens Creators, we challenged our digital artists to make the most of their time at home.

We’re so excited to share the five OLCs whose Lenses AR Experiences were chosen!

They’ve each come up with wildly creative, endlessly entertaining Lenses to make staying home much more fun. Whether you’re trying to up your fitness game or find a little zen in your day, these creations will keep you occupied all day long!

Try their Lenses:

We hope you enjoy their Lenses as much as we have during quarantine!

Team Lens Studio

2019 Lens Wrap Up

This past year has been truly incredible. We introduced new advanced features like Material Editor, launched a Spectacles 3 integration, and enabled creators to make Lenses for Landmarkers in 10+ countries around the world. And best of all, you, the Lens creator community, submitted hundreds of thousands of unforgettable Lens experiences in 2019!

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite Lenses from 2019.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!

Happy Creating and Happy New Year!

Team Lens Studio

Custom Materials Now Possible in Lens Studio

Two years ago, we launched Lens Studio with the goal of helping creators like you push the boundaries of what is possible with AR. Today we're happy to announce our latest and most powerful update including:

Material Editor

Build your own shaders using a powerful visual programming tool and accomplish a wide range of graphic effects!

Material Library

With a few clicks, make any object look like wood, crystal, or even a salmon! You can make them glitch, melt, or disintegrate too.

3D Face Mesh

Track a user’s face shape and expression to produce a highly realistic 3D mask. Combine 3D Face Mesh with the new Material Editor to have your Lenses distort and change the user's face in 3D!

New Templates

Face Mesh Template

Apply custom textures, reflection, and effects to a 3D face model that mimics the user’s facial interaction. 

Materials Template

Use advanced materials to modify how your 3D objects look.

Chain Physics Template

Simulate the movement of chains, earrings, and more in your Lenses!

Additional Update

Our Script Editor has received a big upgrade with the addition of auto-complete, error highlighting and more! Additionally we made some changes to the scripting API to make it easier to develop Lenses. 

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio

Take Your Lenses to Another Dimension

Lens Studio is now integrated with Spectacles 3 — Snap’s new sunglasses with dual cameras that let you capture your world in 3D! Create your own 3D depth-enabled AR experiences with Lens Studio and take your skills to another level with new templates: 

Spectacles Path Template

The Spectacles Path template allows you to create a tunnel of objects in your scene using the recorded device path data from Spectacles 3’s footage.

Spectacles Depth Template

The Spectacles Depth template allows you to create a Lens where objects will react when they reach surfaces recorded by Spectacles 3's 3D depth map.

Don’t have your own pair of Spectacles 3 yet? Don’t worry! You can still create AR experiences for them using footage provided in Lens Studio.

UI System Beta

The new UI System Beta allows you to easily add buttons, color pickers, and/or tap graphic hints to your Lenses so Snapchatters can more intuitively interact with your work. Check out the User Interface guide to download the file and import it into Lens Studio to start playing today!

Additional Updates

We’ve improved Segmentation, Skeletal Tracking, and Hand Tracking to elevate how Snapchatters interact with your Lenses!

That’s all for now. We can’t wait to see what you create next!

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio

Lens Fest 2

This past weekend, Official Lens Creators from all over the world came together at Snap’s Santa Monica headquarters to celebrate their creativity and discuss the future of augmented reality. See what went down below!

Community Lenses in the Carousel

Eitan Pilipski, VP of Snap’s Camera Platform Team, announced that Community Lenses will soon begin to appear in the Lens Carousel. Whether a Lens is made by a Lens creator or in-house at Snap, Lenses help Snapchatters express themselves, be creative, and connect with their friends. We want to increase visibility for community-made Lenses, and help Snapchatters discover and play with Lenses they’ll love.

Fireside Chats

Friday featured fireside chats with Bobby Murphy, co-founder and CTO of Snap Inc., George Harb, VP of Digital Marketing & Innovation at Universal Music, Caty Burgess, SVP of CW Network, Kenny Mitchell, CMO of Snap Inc., and Julie Hendersen, Chief Communications Officer of Snap Inc. They discussed how the music industry is leveraging Snapchat Lenses, how creators fit into Snap’s long term vision, and what they believe the future of AR looks like.

OLC Presentations

Throughout the event, OLCs presented to their fellow attendees, discussing their approach to AR, design, and where they plan to take their creations. JP Pirie talked about making a Lens a day, Alie Jackson and Phil Walton discussed bringing physical work to life, and Michael Nicoll took the audience through what it’s like to work with various brands.

Congratulations Award Winners!

We celebrated the OLCs who are at the top of their game, redefining Lenses.

Spectacles 3 Lens-a-Thon

On Saturday, the OLCs came together for a five hour hack-a-thon style event, where they used their creativity and innovation to create a new type of Lens for Snapchat. 

And that’s a wrap! We look forward to seeing our OLCs again next year! If you’re interested in becoming an Official Lens Creator, click here to learn more and submit your application.

Happy creating,

Team Lens Studio

Introducing Special Projects

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Official Lens Creators, we’re announcing the launch of Special Projects — the latest in our effort to support creators as they shape and advance the future of augmented reality and provide even more Lens choices to the whole Snapchat community.

And what better way to kick off a collab than with Halloween, a holiday centered around everything AR stands for — ultimate creative self-expression.

Halloween is AR.

We put out an open call to our OLCs to reimagine Halloween through the lens of AR.

Meet the Creators:

The submissions were narrowed down to six creators who took the idea of wearing a costume to a whole new level. Working with Snap, they brought their ideas to life, setting a new standard for dressing up for Halloween.

Want more time in costume? Visit each creator's profile to keep playing.

Happy Halloween!

Team Lens Studio