Custom Materials Now Possible in Lens Studio!

Two years ago, we launched Lens Studio with the goal of helping creators like you push the boundaries of what is possible with AR. Today we're happy to announce our latest and most powerful update including:

Material Editor

Build your own shaders using a powerful visual programming tool and accomplish a wide range of graphic effects!

Material Library

With a few clicks, make any object look like wood, crystal, or even a salmon! You can make them glitch, melt, or disintegrate too.

3D Face Mesh

Track a user’s face shape and expression to produce a highly realistic 3D mask. Combine 3D Face Mesh with the new Material Editor to have your Lenses distort and change the user's face in 3D!

New Templates

Face Mesh Template

Apply custom textures, reflection, and effects to a 3D face model that mimics the user’s facial interaction. 

Materials Template

Use advanced materials to modify how your 3D objects look.

Chain Physics Template

Simulate the movement of chains, earrings, and more in your Lenses!

Additional Update

Our Script Editor has received a big upgrade with the addition of auto-complete, error highlighting and more! Additionally we made some changes to the scripting API to make it easier to develop Lenses. 

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio