Introducing Lens Previews for Lens Explorer

Starting today you can add previews of your Lenses in My Lenses! These previews will appear in Snapchat as part of the new feature, Lens Explorer.

Lens Explorer began rolling out to iOS users last week and provides an easier way to discover and unlock thousands of Lenses built by Lens Creators around the world!

To begin browsing in Lens Explorer, just tap the new icon that appears when the Carousel is active. Tap a Lens's tile to unlock it and be taken directly to the Snap Camera, or browse Lenses in featured Stories. Unlock Lenses by swiping up on Snaps in these Stories.

By adding previews to your Lenses you give your creations a better chance of being featured in Lens Explorer and being seen by millions! For tips on creating the perfect preview, check out this guide.

Happy creating,

Team Lens Studio