Introducing Lens Studio 2.0

Since the launch of Lens Studio in December 2017, millions of people from across the globe have played with Lenses made by our community. Today at Snap Partner Summit, we announced even more ways for creators to make their mark on the world!

New Templates

Your creations, now in more locations! Transform pets, hands, bodies, and even iconic landmarks across the world. For a full list of new templates and capabilities, see the release notes.

  • Landmarkers (Beta): Redesign the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, and more with your own AR creations.
  • Pet Tracking: Level up your cats and dogs!
  • Hand Tracking: Make Lenses that activate with the flick of a wrist, or trails of sparkles that flow from your fingers.
  • Body Tracking: Level up your moves with Lenses that follow your upper body!
  • High Score: Build Lenses that can store previous activity — like games that keep high scores!

Additional Features

Make every creation more powerful. Try new visual effects, helpful UI components, and elements that make Lenses even more personalized to your users!

  • UI 2.0: We’ve completely revamped our systems for rendering 2D images and text to the screen. Now, 2D elements automatically adapt to different screen resolutions and Snapchat UI — without writing any script.
  • Screen Effects Library: Try new full-screen visual effects — like Analog TV, Camera Distortion, Chromatic Aberration, Shake, and VHS.
  • Persistent Storage: Now, users can pick up right where they left off when they play with your Lenses — so you can build experiences that save high scores, keep unlocked content, and more!
  • Live & Capture Targets: Add buttons and helper hints that help Snapchatters use your Lens. These elements disappear when a Snap is recorded!
  • User Context System: Make Lenses that customize according to real-time, user-specific info — including name, city, time, weather, temperature, and even birthday!
  • Device Simulation: Pop out the Preview panel to reveal realistic renders and screen simulations for all kinds of devices.

Coming Soon: Lens Creator Profiles

We’re excited to introduce Lens Creator Profiles — a new place to build an audience and showcase all your Lenses! Profiles will continue to roll out to all creators soon, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Forum Update

We’ve re-designed the Lens Studio Forum and improved the search function. Find all the answers you need — or submit your own and become a top contributor!

Happy creating!

Team Lens Studio