What is a Lens?

Snapchat Lenses are a way to transform the world around you with augmented reality. There are face Lenses that add fun effects to your face, and world Lenses that bring characters, effects, and more into frame! ✨

You can play with them on your phone in the Snapchat app, or on your Mac or PC with the Snap Camera app! 

What's the difference between a Lens and a Filter?

Snapchat Lenses are playful AR experiences that transform the world around you. 

Filters are creative effects you can add after taking a Snap, that help share where you are, what you're doing, and more. 

You can learn more about Filters here.

What is Lens Studio?

Lens Studio is a desktop app for Mac and PC that you can use to create, publish, and share magical experiences in AR. You can share your Lenses on Snapchat and the Snap Camera desktop app, where an audience of millions is waiting to play! 

Is Lens Studio free to download and use?

It sure is :)

Where can I download Lens Studio?

You can download the latest version of Lens Studio here.

Can I create Face Lenses and World Lenses with Lens Studio?

Yes! Starting from Lens Studio 1.5, you can create Face Lenses, World Lenses, and Lenses with both Face and World experiences. Download the latest version of Lens Studio here, and learn about adding Face experiences to your existing World Lenses here.

What's the Official Lens Creator program and how can I register my interest?

The Official Lens Creator program is our way of helping Lens Creators up their game and take things to the next level. We provide exclusive benefits, collaboration opportunities, and support to the best Lens Creators out there! If you think you've got what it takes, let us know you're interested by completing the form on the Creators page. You'll need to provide us with the IDs for two of your most compelling and creative Lenses. We're looking forward to seeing your picks!

Getting Started

What are the hardware and system requirements for Lens Studio?

Below are the current requirements for Lens Studio.

  • Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit); MacOS 10.11+
  • Hardware: Minimum of Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz or AMD Phenom II 2.6Ghz with 4 GB RAM; Intel HD Graphics 4000 / Nvidia GeForce 710 / AMD Radeon HD 6450 or better; screen resolution of 1280x768 or higher

How can I get started with Lens Studio?

Check out our "Getting Started" guide to learn how to build your first Lens!

How will I know if there is an update to Lens Studio?

When you open Lens Studio it will notify you if there is an update available. Or, you can select 'Check for Updates...' from the Lens Studio menu at any time.

Where can I find the release notes for Lens Studio?

All of the latest features, bug fixes, and performance improvements can be found on the Release History page.

I want to build a Lens, but I don't have any 3D models. What can I do?

We've got you covered! If you have 2D assets on hand, you can still use the Picture Frame or Cutout templates templates. You can also use content from GIPHY directly within Lens Studio!

Otherwise, you can play with 3D models from sites like Google Poly or Sketchfab. Whichever you choose to do, remember to only include assets in your Lens that you have the right to use. 👌

Lens Content

Do I own the content I create in Lens Studio?

Any resources that belong to you which you upload into Lens Studio to create your Lens (such as textures, sounds, materials, .fbx files, etc.) remain yours. You grant Snapchat rights to the final Lens.

For more information, please refer to the Lens Studio License Agreement.

Are there any content guidelines for Lenses?

Our goal is to encourage the broadest range of creativity and self-expression possible, while making sure that Snapchatters can enjoy playing with Lenses safely. With this important balance in mind, we've established these Content Submission Guidelines for creating Lenses for Snapchat.

Can I use the code/art/assets used in Lens Studio's example projects?

Feel free to use the provided source code for commercial or non-commercial purposes when creating your Lens. But since creativity is king here at Snap Inc., we encourage you to create your own assets, or obtain the rights to use others' assets in fun new ways!

Can I use animated GIFs in my Lenses?

Yes! You can add GIFs to your Lens projects in two ways: by adding them directly from GIPHY within Lens Studio, or by importing them into the Resources panel.

As always, remember to only include assets in your Lens that you have the right to use. 👌

What 3D model formats are supported in Lens Studio?

Lens Studio supports .FBX and .OBJ and glTF formats for 3D models. To learn more, and to find more information about preparing objects for export, check out the "3D Object Import" guide.

How many polygons are supported in a Lens scene?

The Lens Studio scene should have a total polygon count that doesn't exceed 5,000 polygons (10,000 triangles). This limit ensures your model displays smoothly across the widest variety of Android and iOS devices possible.

How many objects are supported in a Lens scene?

Each item in the Objects panel counts as an individual object, and every object you add to your project has an impact on performance. To create the smoothest (and most fun!) Lens experience possible, keep the number of objects as low as possible. For complex projects, we recommend that you don't keep more than 500 objects in your Objects panel.

What is the maximum file size of a Lens?

The maximum file size for an exported Lens is 4 MB, but we recommend that you aim for 2 MB to make sure your Lens loads quickly! 

Does Lens Studio support 3D animation?

Yes, Lens Studio supports skeletal, blend shape, and transform animations.

For skeletal animation, we suggest keeping the rig size below 100 joints. When using blend shapes, do so sparingly, and pay close attention to Frame Rate performance.

Can I use a custom shader in Lens Studio?

Not currently.

I saw a special effect on a Lens in Snapchat that I'd like to recreate, but can't find how to do it in the documentation provided.

The Lens Studio community is here to help! Please post your question in the "General" section of the forum.

Pairing with Snapchat

How do I pair Lens Studio to the Snapchat app?

Connect your computer and your mobile device to the same wireless network. (If you're connected via an ethernet cable, you'll need to unplug.) Then, follow the instructions in the "Pairing to Snapchat" guide.

What version of Snapchat should I have on my device to pair with Lens Studio?

Open Lens Studio and select Lens Studio -> About Lens Studio from the menu bar. There, refer to the Minimum Android Version and Minimum iOS Version entries. These are the minimum versions of Snapchat required to use a Lens built in that version of Lens Studio. 

Can I pair multiple devices to Lens Studio?

Only one mobile device can be actively paired with Lens Studio at a time.

To pair another device, unpair the original device by selecting 'Pairing > Disconnect' from the Lens Studio application menu. Then log into Snapchat on the new device and repeat the pairing process from the beginning.

How do I remove my paired Lens from Snapchat?

If you want to remove the paired lens from Snapchat, first open Snapchat. Then, go to Settings. There, select Additional Services -> Manage -> Lens Studio -> Pair Status -> Tap to Unpair. This will unpair your device and remove the paired Lens from your Lens carousel. Note, you might have to force quit and reopen Snapchat if you want the Lens removed immediately.

My Lenses

How do I submit my finished Lens so I can see it on Snapchat?

Check out our "Submitting your Lenses" guide for the full instructions (and some fun tips!).

How long will it take for my Lens to go live after I've submitted it?

We'll do our best to get your Lens live as soon as we can!

Will I be notified once my Lens is live?

Yes, we'll send you an email once your Lens is live. We'll also reach out by email if your Lens doesn't meet our guidelines! 

For how long will the Lenses I submit be live?

Lenses remain live and unlockable for one year after the last update, or until you deactivate them.

What can I do to ensure that my Lens won't be rejected as Invalid?

There are a few technical guidelines you should follow to ensure your Lens is valid:

  • The Lens should be under 4 MB in size
  • The Lens frame rate should be higher than 20 FPS on high end devices and 10 FPS on low end devices. Please refer to the Performance and Optimization guide for additional information
  • The Lens should consume less than 120 MB of RAM
  • The Lens should run without raising exceptions or crashing. Check that there are no errors in the Logger panel when previewing the Lens. Please refer to the Debugging guide for additional information
  • The Lens when uncompressed should be less than 20 MB. The size of your project's Public folder is an approximation of the uncompressed Lens size.

I can't submit my Lens because it's over 4 MB in size, how can I optimize?

You can reduce the size of your exported Lens by optimizing each of the assets in your Lens Studio project. Here are some guidelines for the asset types you can import to Lens Studio:

  • Audio - All audio files imported to your project should be mono (not stereo), and imported in .mp3 format.
  • Images - Images imported to your project should not exceed a resolution of 2048x2048. To reduce file size, try to compress the images as much as possible without compromising visual quality. 
  • 3D Models - Imported models need to be 5,000 polygons (10,000 triangles) or less

I have some changes I'd like to make to my Lens. Can I update it?

Yes! To update an existing Lens, click the dropdown icon on the 'Upload' button in the submission form, then click 'Update existing' and make any changes you'd like!

Can I deactivate a Lens?

Yes, a Lens can be deactivated from the My Lenses dashboard by clicking the ••• menu button next to the Lens and selecting Deactivate. It may take a few minutes for the Snapcode and Lens link to become inactive.

Can I see how many people are using my Lenses?

Yes! You can head over to the My Lenses dashboard, where Snapchatter views, plays, and share metrics for each Lens are tracked and updated daily.

Can I track who sees my Lens?

While you can't track individual views like you would on your Snapchat Story, you can track:

  • Views: The number of times this Lens has been viewed
  • Plays: The number of times your Lens has been activated in the camera in Snapchat
  • Shares: The number of times this Lens has been shared on Snapchat

in the My Lenses Dashboard.

Sharing Lenses

How can I share my Lens?

You can share your Lens by downloading the Snapcode or by copying the Lens link from the Share button in the My Lenses screen. You can also share Lenses directly with your friends on Snapchat by tapping the "Send to Friends" button when the Lens is unlocked! 

For more information, check out the Sharing Your Lens guide. 

What is a Snapcode and how do I use it?

A Snapcode can be scanned in the Snapchat app to unlock features and unique content. Each Lens created in Lens Studio generates a unique Snapcode, which includes the icon of the Lens it's associated with and can be scanned to unlock the Lens. 

For more information, check out the Unlocking Lenses guide. 

What is a Lens link?

Lens Links are a way to share your Lens without a Snapcode. Anyone that has Snapchat installed on their phone can tap the link and be taken right to your Lens. If they're on a desktop computer or don't have Snapchat, they'll be directed to a web page that features your Snapcode.

What will Snapchatters see when they unlock a Lens I have built?

When your Lens is unlocked, Snapchatters will see your name and the name of your Lens in Snapchat. They can also share the Lens with their friends by tapping the 'Send to Friends' button.

After unlocking a lens, for how long does it appear in the Snapchat carousel?

Lenses remain unlocked for 48 hours. There is no limit on the number of times a user may unlock a Lens, and it will remain in the carousel for 48 hours each time the Snapcode is scanned.

I already have a Snapcode that I'm using for advertising my product or service. Can I attach a Lens to it?

To learn more about our ad products, including Lenses, please visit our Business website.


My device received the Lens I made in Lens Studio, but it's causing Snapchat to crash. How do I fix it?

Lenses can crash for a number of reasons. Check out our guide on Debugging for more info on how to track down issues in your Lens scripts.

To replace a crashing paired lens, open one of the built-in template projects, Pair to Snapchat and push the lens to your device. This will replace the crashing lens with a simple working template lens. 

I can see my 3D content in the Scene View, but not in the Preview. How do I fix it?

It's possible that your content is not within the Camera object's frustum. Follow these steps to verify your Camera settings in Lens Studio:
1. Select your Camera object.
2. Check the values of the Near and Far settings on the Camera component. Make sure that your content falls within range of these values. You can also verify the clip planes by taking a look at the Camera's frustum wireframe in the Scene view.

I'm having trouble getting Lens Studio to pair with my device. What can I do?

Make sure both your device and your computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. You can then reset Lens Studio's pairing settings by selecting Pairing > Disconnect from the application menu.

Additional Help

How do I reach out to other Lens Studio creators?

The Lens Studio Community is a great place to get in touch with other creators! Ask questions, submit answers, and share feedback. You can also become a top contributor, if you play your cards right.

I don't see my question on this page. How do I get in touch?

Please post your question in the Lens Studio Community forum. If you'd like to report a bug, please let us know at

If the bug relates to a specific Lens, please provide the Lens ID. You can find your Lens ID by following the instructions in the Submitting Your Lens guide.